We don't succeed if you don't. So we'll do everything within our power to ensure that any chance of failure is eliminated. The rest is up to you. Are you up to the challenge? There are several ways that we can assist you in gaining the fitness level that you desire. Some of them are listed below.

Our personal trainers will assess your current fitness level, health issues, and goals. We will take that information and develop an exercise regimen catered only to you. Then we will educate you on different exercises and their purposes. You will also be educated on the proper form of every exercise to ensure safety and maximum results. You will receive the trainers undivided attention while we coach you through every repition.

Nothing gets you going like some freindly trash talk! Some people need that extra push in order to get serious about their health. Some people just work better under pressure. Some people are at their best performance level in a competitive setting. Seeing your peers in a training session just as fatigued as you are can be a good thing... It may help you realize that you are not the only one dealing with fitness issues. As a team you may be able to reach fitness levels that you couldn't reach by yourself. With group training your lack of motivation will be a thing of the past!

           WEIGHT LOSS

Unfortunately there is no magic pill that makes you slim over night. Getting the beach body you want will take hard work and mental endurance. We'll help you set realistic weight loss goals and offer you nutritional advice. We'll also create a plan that will burn calories, increase your metabolism and melt your excess body fat away. By keeping a record of your progress (i.e your weight, BMI, and measurements) you will be able to see the fruits of your labor. This will help keep you focused while building more faith in yourself. Because at the end of the day how much you lose is up to you.


           MUSCLE TONE

Everybody doesn't want to be slim. Your ideal body may be athletic, muscular, or curvy. You might want to increase your muscle mass, strength, or definition. Or maybe you've reached a point where you are not noticing gains in any of those areas. We can help by providing you with a plateau crushing resistance training regimen. Our trainers will coach you and be a spot for those heavy weights so you can lift more than usual. We will challenge you like never before.


           CORE STRENGTH

Improving your posture and stability can only be achieved by increasing your core strength. Most people do not understand the importance of their core so it is often neglected in their training routines.

We will teach you several core strengthening excercises and include them in your regemin. Your training performance and overall fitness level will increase as you increase the strength of your core. This will reduce the risk of injury in the process.